Bishop Victor Creagh

Bishop Victor A. Creagh


a native of Mt. Vernon Alabama and former Disease Intervention Program Manager for the State of Alabama for 27 years, received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Alabama State University in 1987. With 23 years of dedication to ministry, his spiritual calling to facilitate positive change in the lives of others resulted in his founding and serving as senior Pastor of Spirit and Truth Christian Center (STCC) and co-founding the Gentleman’s Club, which aids in the personal development of seventh and eighth grade boys at E.T. Belsaw School in Mount Vernon. Bishop Creagh received the vision for STCC in 2006. Spearheaded by the Holy Spirit of God, he conducted the first services in a small, modest building that was remolded in December of 2012 to increase the worship service and children ministry’s capacity for growth. Spirit and Truth Christian Center is a young, exciting, and innovative ministry, declaring the God’s gospel of Grace throughout North Mobile County and the surrounding areas. Known for his pragmatic approach to the Bible, Bishop Creagh is committed to conveying the gospel with such simplicity and clarity that when practically applied its power literally changes one family at a time. Fortified by the Holy Spirit, Bishop Creagh’s vision for STCC serving as a conduit for sound doctrine concerning Gods’ Grace continues to expand as well. In 2013, the "In the Spirit" radio broadcast debuted on station WHOD 94.5 Jackson, Alabama, reaching thousands of listeners in a five county area in southern Alabama. Bishop Creagh’s broadcasts encourage countless believers to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by Grace through faith. He and his wife, Jackie, have one child and currently reside in Mount Vernon.